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Kick helps self-employed Creators and Solopreneurs save 40+ hours and $1-10k extra per year at no cost

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Kick is a financial technology company and is not a bank. Banking services provided by Blue Ridge Bank N.A; Member FDIC.

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Get a FDIC-insured business bank account, debit card, rewards and affiliate links–all in one place. No fees or minimums.



Discover the best creator software, gear and products.

Unlock up to $5,000+ in cash back offers based on your following.


Business Banking

Connect your social account to get started in 5 minutes. No credit check. No fees.

Get a business bank account and virtual card that's FDIC-insured up to $250,000. No LLC needed.



Turn your expenses into revenue with easy access to affiliate links that make you money when you share with your audience.

Kick verifies your expenses to prove you've bought the product you're sharing.

I signed up for the Juice waiting list because I really believe there’s gotta be  a better banking experience for creators.

Gunther Ackner

Founder of Only Human


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Full-stack banking

Unlock time and money to invest more in your business

Cards - Create and set limits on virtual cards to stay in control of your costs

Visibility - Get real-time access to every transaction

Card linked - Activate cash back offers that are get linked to your card

Control - Get a view into your various income streams all in one place

Savings - Ditch the spreadsheet and get a real-time view of past and upcoming expenses

Reliability - Ditch PayPal and get a more reliable place to store your business revenue

Deductions - let Kick detect and automatically categorize and business and personal expenses

Budget - automatically set aside money for upcoming self-employed tax payments

Pay taxes - submit your business federal and state taxes directly from Kick

SSL 256-bit encryption ensures that your personal and business information is fully protected.

MasterCard Zero Liability Policy ensures you will not be responsible for unauthorized charges on your debit card.

Your money is fully FDIC insured up to $250,000 through our banking partner.

The barriers to start your own online business have dropped.

After talking to hundreds of creators, brands and banks–we've developed Kick, the first social banking experience designed for the new economy.

We're now taking applications from YouTubers. Apply now chat with me directly.

Conrad Wadowski

Previous Co-Founder of Teachable

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