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We help self-employed Creators and Solopreneurs save an average of $9,9221 per year.

Easily sync your accounts and let Kick find you daily tax write offs and cash back.

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$1,3 saved
$1,3 saved
$1,3 saved
$1,3 saved

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Marina Mogilko

It’s easy to write offs slip. With Kick, we have an bookkeeping partner who gets how my business works.

Juliana Crispo

I really wasn’t looking forward to figuring out my tax situation. With Kick, I’m confident I’m doing things right, and saving a ton in the process.

Nick Davidov

Taxes are not only scary, but also my biggest expense. Using Kick gives me the confidence to focus on my business instead of admin work.

Kevin Shen

Kick has blown me away with how they've managed to simplify such a complex topic. Their support has given me peace of mind to invest back into my business.

The community advantage

Kick uses the power of community to crowdsource tax deductions and cash back–so you can invest more in your business.


How to start saving

Connect a financial account

Connect one or more bank or credit cards and have Kick auto scan your accounts for tax write offs.

Save $10k+

Get connected over text with a Kick Bookkeeper who helps categorize your income and expenses into the appropriate forms, so you can file taxes on your own or make your accountant happy.

Use your Kick Card

Use your Kick Visa Debit Card3 to save even more, with 20% cash back on the business software you actually use, like Adobe, Teachable and Canva.

Human support

Text your very own expert Bookkeeper for tax support. We know your situation, and are here to help!


Separate your personal and business income and expenses with an optional business bank account with $250,000 in FDIC insurance.4

Funds are held with Blue
Ridge Bank N.A. Member FDIC

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