What exactly is Kick?

Kick is a daily bookkeeping service for Creators and Soloprenuers. Book a 30-min call to save an average $9,922 in taxes and cash back to get peace of mind to focus on what matters.
What does Kick cost?
Kick is completely free for your first $10,000 in savings, then goes for $99/month.
How does Kick work?
To get set up, you'll jump on a 30-minute call where we securely connect any accounts you have with business expenses to immediately start saving you money. Then every quarter or year, you can request a Tax Report to file taxes on your own or with your accountant.
Do I need an LLC in order to sign up?
Nope! We recommend you start as early as possible in your business to maximize your savings. 
Can I open an account if I'm not located in the U.S.?
Kick works best if you pay U.S. taxes.
What else does Kick do?
Kick offers tailored products for the self-employed, designed to save you money and time. Other features include automated tax withholding, a $250,000 FDIC-insured business bank account and Kick Visa Debit Card with 10% cash back on the software products you use every day. 
I love Kick! Who should I tell?
To provide the best customer experience, Kick is currently limited to trusted referrals. Contact us over text or support@kick.app to let us know who you have in mind.
Is my money FDIC insured?
Yes! Your Kick business and tax accounts are insured up to $250,000, with FDIC insurance provided by Blue Ridge Bank N.A.
I don't recognize a transaction on my card. What can I do?
Contact us over text or support@kick.app and we'll figure things out.
Who do I tell if I've found an issue with the site?
Contact us over text or email us at support@kick.app.
Do I need to activate my virtual debit card?
After you create an account, you'll get a virtual Kick Visa® Debit Card you can use immediately.
Can I pay contractors with Kick?
Yes! When you sign up, you can make free ACH transfers to anyone with a bank account in the U.S. or using PayPal. Best of all, we'll help you handle all the compliance work associated with 1099s.
How do I close my Kick account?
You can close your account at any time by emailing us at support@kick.app