What exactly is Kick?
Kick is the financial side kick for Creators. After a 10-minute sign up, you get paired with an human assistant who helps handle your bookkeeping, and help you save an average of $9,922 per year on your taxes.

Along with bookkeeping, Kick also offers a custom financial tools to help you fully automate your business life. Pay for stuff with Kick's Visa Business Debit Card or secure your earnings into our FDIC-insured business bank account.
What does Kick cost?
Kick is free if you use our card for your business expenses–and otherwise charges $30/m after we've saved you your first $10,000. Unlike other banks, we don't charge minimums or other bank fees to transfer money.
Is there a minimum balance requirement?
Nope, there is no minimum balance or fees to transfer money.
Do I need an LLC in order to sign up?
Nope! Kick is perfectly suited for either a side hustles or business that's been incorporated. We recommend starting earlier to maximize your savings, and you can email us anytime to change your account to an LLC.
Can I open an account if I'm not located in the U.S.?
Kick currently works best if you pay U.S. taxes.
Who do I tell if I've found an issue with the site?
Please email us at support@kick.app.
I love Kick! Who should I tell?
To provide the best customer experience, Kick is currently limited to trusted referrals. Contact us over text or support@kick.app to let us know who you have in mind.
Is my money FDIC insured?
Yes! Accounts are insured up to the FDIC limit of $250,000, which is provided by Blue Ridge Bank N.A.
I don't recognize a transaction on my card. What can I do?
Contact us over text or support@kick.app and we'll figure things out.
Who do I tell if I've found an issue with the site?
Contact us over text or email us at support@kick.app.
Do I need to activate my virtual debit card?
After you create an account, you'll get a virtual Kick Visa® Debit Card you can use immediately.
Can I pay contractors with Kick?
Yes! As a Kick member, You're able to make free ACH transfers to anyone with a bank account in the U.S. or using PayPal. Best of all, we'll help you handle all the compliance work associated witih 1099s.
What's the memo feature?
Kick allows you to record a memos for transactions with your Kick card so you can write it off. For example, if you buy coffee for your client during a business meeting, your Kick assistant may send you a text asking who you met with. All you need to do is respond with "coffee meeting with Kendra" and you're done! When tax time comes around, you've just saved yourself 20-30%.
How do I close my Kick account?
You can close your account at any time by emailing us at support@kick.app